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Meet The Team
               Chris and James Colvin
Chris and James have been operating family owned businesses together for over 20 years. They purchased Tri-Star Fitness in March of 2015. Chris has competed in both bodybuilding and powerlifting and is a certified personal trainer. James has owned and operated convienence stores, traded real estate, and ran agriculture endeavors. Together, their dream is to make Tri-Star the very best fitness center in Alabama. 
Tri-Star Fitness
At Tri-Star Fitness, we believe in fun fitness that achieves real results. We offer a full range of cardio vascular machines, resistance machines, free weights and great classes. We also offer a team of highly-qualified personal trainers and nutrition planning to help you achieve your goals. We also have a Pro Shop supplement store that is open to the public. We carry many major brands and a few you can't find anywhere else. Some of our lines include Rich Piana 5%, Rivalus, Optimum Nutrition, Genesis/AP, Finaflex, BSN, and many more. 
                                                                                                    Personal Trainers
  1. Managing Director
    ISSA Certified Trainers
    All Trainers at Tri-Star are certified
  2. Managing Director
    The Pro Shop
    Pro Shop open to the public and on this website
  3. Managing Director
    Macy before the Alabama State Championships
    This element represents the description field.
  4. Managing Director
    Chris and Susan Smith
    Susan wins the Europa 2015
  5. Managing Director
    5% In the Pro Shop and Online
    We carry a full line of 5% supplements in the Pro Shop and Online
  6. Managing Director
  7. Managing Director
    Jessica Smith, Nutritionist
    Need a meal plan, she's the best!
  8. Managing Director
    Chris and Matt
    On the bus headed to the Arnold Classic 2016
  9. Managing Director
    Prep diet never stops
  10. Managing Director
    At the Arnold
    Monster Energy and Monster Muscle
  11. Managing Director
    Chris and Matt
    The Arnold Classic Expo was packed
  12. Managing Director
    Chris and Karina Nacimento, IFBB Pro
  13. Managing Director
    Charles Glass
    The Legendary Charles Glass!!
  14. Managing Director
    Arnold Classic
    Got to hangout with Deadpool and Blackwidow
  15. Managing Director
    Arnold Classic 2016
    Balcony seating at the Arnold
  16. Managing Director
    Title 16
  17. Managing Director
    Title 17
  18. Managing Director
    Title 18
  19. Managing Director
    Title 19