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Classes At Tri-Star
  1. Morbi nunc odi
    Silver Sneakers
    Monday, Wedensday, and Friday at 10:45am
    Our Silver Sneakers program is a senior adult class focusing on strength and mobility for our advanced members. We accept Viva, Tivity Health, Silver and Fit, and Cigna health plans and you have no out of pocket expense. Stop by today for more information.
  2. Morbi nunc odi
    Monday and Friday 9:00am
    The principles of Yoga include strength and flexibility and at Tri-Star, that's exactly what our Yoga class offers. This class caters to all experience and age levels, so if you've ever wanted to try out Yoga, here is your chance!

Personal Training

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For information on Personal Training sessions at Tri-Star, contact John at 205-631-8688. A membership is  NOT  required to hire a personal trainer at Tri-Star. 

​Both Chris and John are certified Personal Trainers with certifications in Strenght and Conditioning, Group Training, Weight Loss, Athletics, Personal Fitness, Nutrition, and many other specialities. Their certifications are through the ISSA, NASM, and Shaw Academy. If you are looking for a trainer, John is one of the best you could ever have in your corner. He has trained athelets, military personell, including Navy Seals, and of course, those just wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. Your health is the greatest investment you can make for yourself. Starting today will give you a more active life. Chris' personal experience with a lifetime of fitness has been that now at almost 40 years old, he serves part time as a firefighter and works with the Air National Guard aside from owning Tri-Star Fitness. At almost 40, I am as in shape as many of the 20 somethings that work alongside me in the military and the fire service. I would not trade anything for how I feel and the shape that I am in. Don't wait, no doctor will ever tell you that you do not need to exercise. Your health is your greatest posession, protect it like you would your home, your job, your investments, and your family. Here's to lifelong health and fitness and feeling your best in your 40's and beyond. 

To Your Health,