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    One Year Single Membership
    The one year single membership is our most popular. For only 29.95 a month, you have full access to the facility, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A one time facility fee of $50.00 is due at sign up.
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    One Year Double Membership
    Want to add a family member or spouse? We are prepared for you. $49.95 a month for both gives you full access to the facility. The enrollment fee is still only $50.00, unlike most fitness centers, the facility fee is based on the agreement, not the individual people signing up.
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    For those who don't want to commit to a year, we have a monthly option as well. The facility fee is still only a one time payment of $50.00 and you can cancel at any time. This plan has all the benefits, without the commitment.
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    Tanning is also available to members and non-members alike. For members it's only $15 a month to add to your plan, for non-members just $20 a month
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    Insurance Plans
    We also participate with Viva, Blue Cross Healthways, and Cigna Healthsprings. With qualifying insurance, you have no out of pocket expense for your membership. Call today and find out if your insurance covers your membership to one of the best fitness centers around.
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    Personal Training/Nutritional Coaching
    Personal training and nutritional coaching are scheduled through the personal trainers. Call today and schedule an appointment and receive a free personal training session with enrollment.
For more questions,  set up a tour and get a free workout! Discounts are available for Military, Fire, and Police.